Intercultural Education is a global forum focusing on educational issues concerning communities and their diversities.

IAIE members receive six issues a year as part of their membership dues, plus any supplemental issues that appear. Readers will find theoretical articles, empirical articles as well as best practice articles, which center on intercultural and multicultural education and the various themes, which influence its effective development and implementation.

Themes include, but are not limited to, social justice, human rights, inequality and equity issues, pluralism in post-colonial, post-conflict and post-communist countries, active citizenship, anti-racist education, migration and indigenous minority issues, feminist and queer theory, bilingual and multilingual language issues, school curriculum, school-parent relations, (dis)ability issues, interfaith dialogue, genocide and Holocaust education, and critical pedagogy.

The journal focuses on both formal and non-formal education settings, as well as all levels of schooling, from pre-school to lifelong learning processes. The following are abstracts of articles that have recently appeared in Intercultural Education. The full pre-publication versions of these articles are available for members in the member section (those that appeared more than 18 months ago due to rights issues).

 Recent Abstracts