The mission of the IAIE is best described in terms of its main aims and means. The main aims of the IAIE include:

  • To examine the implications of the societal contexts of education and the relationship between society, nation state and the international contexts and the situation of individuals, groups and minorities within them.

  • To contribute to the development and implementation of intercultural education and issues of education in multicultural societies.

  • To promote the exchange of information, knowledge and materials about all relevant issues concerning education in multicultural societies amongst teachers, teacher trainers, and professionals working in curriculum development, research and educational policy.

  • To initiate, react and respond to activities in the field of education of international and national organizations.

The means include:

  • By preparing six issues a year of the international journal Intercultural Education, published by Routledge

  • By supporting, sponsoring and organizing, seminars, workshops and conferences on issues of education in a multicultural society.

  • By encouraging international cooperation in curriculum and materials development in the field.

  • By assisting the development of appropriate initial and in-service teacher education.

  • By encouraging cooperation with other organizations which have similar or complementary aims as the IAIE

  • By disseminating a newsletter 4 times a year with information about the field for the membership