The Big Myth is an interactive, community-building learning website and CD-ROM, presenting a collection of 25 creation myths from around the world using animation, storytelling, sound and music to tell the stories. It is available in English, German and Dutch and designed for group learning for ages 7-14.

The myths themselves are the central focus of the site, but the entire environment is made up of six sections, including a Teacher’s Guide, Discussion Forum, Write Your Own Creation Myth area and Library.     
The Big Myth is a fully-integrated educational website that fits in with the classical mythology or world cultural studies program of the common international curriculum, as well as within religious studies and ancient history. It can also be integrated into remedial English, German or Dutch language classes.

One of the most important aspects of this site is to introduce children and teachers to the web, and allow them to feel comfortable with the internet as a tool for research, inspiration and creative learning. The educational methodology behind The Big Myth – Complex Instruction – is especially inspired by the research conducted by Elizabeth Cohen (Cohen, 1994). One of the basic assumptions of Complex Instruction is that learning happens through interaction and group dynamics. By implementing co-operative learning, teachers provide opportunities for interaction and equal access to participation in the interaction.

The Big Myth is free for all:

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