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How to get to Chemnitz

Chemnitz is located in eastern Germany, in the state of Saxony, and it is the third-largest city in the state, following Leipzig and Dresden. The city can be easily accessed from four airports: Prague, Berlin, Leipzig, and Dresden. There are train connections from these airports to the city center of Chemnitz. The nearest and most convenient airports are Dresden and Leipzig.


The train station at Dresden Airport is situated in the basement of the terminal building. The suburban train (S-Bahn) S2 operates with a frequency of every half hour. The journey from Dresden Airport to Dresden main station typically takes around 21 minutes. 
From Dresden main station, you can then transfer to regional train lines 30 and 3, which offer direct connections to Chemnitz. The duration of the journey to Chemnitz varies depending on the specific line, taking approximately one to one and a half hours. The distance between Dresden airport a Chemnitz is 82 kilometers.

Public Transport from the Airport
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Leipzig/Halle Airport is located 117 km away from Chemnitz and provides convenient access to Leipzig Central Station via suburban train (S-Bahn) lines S5 and S5X. These trains operate every half hour, and the journey from the airport to Leipzig Central Station takes around 14 minutes. 
From Leipzig Central Station, you can then take the regional train 6, which runs on an hourly basis, to reach Chemnitz in approximately one hour.
Public Transport from the Airport
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You also have the possibility to consider taking a flight to either Prague or Berlin. These airports boast great connectivity and present a highly feasible alternative.


Prague's international airport is located 146 kilometers away from Chemnitz city center. Public transport bus lines at Václav Havel Airport provide frequent connections to the center of Prague, with buses running at intervals of a few minutes. The bus stops are conveniently located directly in front of the terminals. For a quick journey to the center of Prague using public transport, it is recommended to take bus line 119 (Terminal 1/Terminal 2 - Nádraží Veleslavín) and transfer to metro line A. 
From Prague main station, you can reach Chemnitz by taking the EuroCity train via Dresden, with a travel time of approximately two and a half hours. Once you arrive at Dresden main station, you can conveniently transfer to regional train lines 30 and 3, which provide direct connections to Chemnitz. The duration of the journey to Chemnitz varies depending on the specific line, typically taking around one to one and a half hours. 
Another option is a direct bus connection, which typically takes approximately three hours to reach Chemnitz.
Public Transport from the Airport
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Berlin-Brandenburg Airport is well connected to the rail networks. There is a frequent service of Airport Express and regional trains, with a combined frequency of four departures per hour from Terminal 1/ Terminal 2 station to Berlin Central Station. Additionally, suburban trains (S-Bahn) S9 and S45 also operate from Terminal 1/ Terminal 2, providing a convenient connection to Berlin Central Station. 
From Berlin Central Station, there are direct connections to Chemnitz multiple times a day. The train journey typically takes approximately two and a half hours. Alternatively, Chemnitz can be reached by trains via Dresden or Leipzig. The international airport is situated at 240 kilometers from Chemnitz.
Berlin Airport Information
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You can also reach Chemnitz by train from Germany's largest airport, Frankfurt Main Airport, with a transfer at Leipzig Central Station.
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Within Germany, trains are a reasonable alternative. Additionally, for local transportation, the nationwide 49€ ticket is an option. Read more


How to get around in Chemnitz 

You can take Tram 3, CB13, or CB14 to reach the conference place from the Chemnitz main station. Trams run every 10-20 minutes, and the journey takes about 15- 25 minutes. The fare for a single ride is €2.50. You can buy tickets at the ticket machines at the main station or on the tram. 


Visa Regulations

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