PICESL is being led by the Universidad Pablo de Olivide in Sevilla, Spain.

PICESL was being led by the Universidad Pablo de Olivide in Sevilla, Spain. This was a project was being implemented through 2022. PICELS was an Erasmus+ project that aimed to promote intercultural education for student engagement. In many countries within the EU, students with a migrant background are at a higher risk of leaving school early and PICELS aims to address the inclusive and intercultural aspect of students school experience as an important part of the puzzle to improve the well-being and longevity of students’ school careers.

PICELS brought together teachers and researchers, with both teams collaborating and participating in a project to further the cause of early school leaving among the students with a migrant background. The essential feedback and experience of teachers was placed within an established academic framework that allows the project to produce two essential outputs. Firstly a pan-European mapping of successful intercultural and inclusive practices in the classrooms, which includes a set of indicators with which teachers can evaluate their own practices in the classroom. Secondly, a teacher training guide based on the above-identified effective practices. In addition to these outputs, teachers training and multiplier events highlight the work that took will take place through 2022.